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Global Antibiotic Resistance Partnership Nepal : Updated Activities (May-July)

1. Training for Community Pharmacists The misuse and overuse of antimicrobial drugs is accelerating the development of resistance, this is especially observed when antimicrobials are available over the counter. Studies showed that more than 50 percent of antibiotics are sold without prescription globally, the situation in Nepal is even worse. Hence, GARP-Nepal in collaboration with … […]

Farming Health Environment Nepal Phase II : Updated Activities (Nov-Apr)

Important accomplishments of FHEN in second quarter: Several activities were accomplished in the second quarter. Out of many, major developments in the second quarter were: Completion of municipal level orientation program at all project areas Due to the restructuring of the government, district level government offices were dissolved and all the responsibilities and authorities were … […]

Global Antibiotic Resistance Partnership Nepal : Updated Activities (Nov-Apr)

GARP Nepal celebrated World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2017 for the third year in a row during November 13-19, in collaboration with the academic partners: Institute of Medicine, Patan Academy of Health Sciences, Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences, B. P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Agriculture and Forestry University and pharmacy Colleges.  An array of … […]

Better Access and Services Provision to Improve Maternal,Neonatal Child Health Nutrition and Hygiene Service in Makwanpur (SPARSH-M):Updated Activities (Nov-Apr)

On the support of Project HOPE and CDP, Nepal Public Health Foundation has been working in the maternal neonatal child health nutrition practices in the rural areas of Makwanpur district through SPARSH-M project. Its main objective is to improve maternal neonatal and child health nutrition and hygiene practices by increasing access to related information and … […]

Appraisal of Stunting decline in Nepal: Updated Activities (Nov-Apr)

A. Inception meeting with in-country stakeholders: Inception Meeting was held on 21st November, 2017 between Sick kids Team and Nepal’s health and Nutrition experts, stakeholders and pioneers. With a following objectives set on a mind in order to conduct research further , meeting was conducted successfully. a. To assess the global, regional and national prevalence … […]

Farming Health Environment Nepal Phase-II activities updates

ACTIVITIES HIGHLIGHTS 1.  This quarter was dedicated for office set up and accomplishing all the administrative tasks for example conducting District Level Project Advisory Committee (DPAC) meeting and getting approval letters from all the working municipalities. 2.  The overall project budget has been segregated by each municipality for transparency and as per the need directed … […]

Alternative Health Financing Project activities

Alternative Health Financing Project started from February 2017 with an aim of exploring health financing options to achieve Universal Health Coverage in Nepal which is in it termination phase. Since July, 2017 the following activities has been carried out. Field visits were the major events in the past three months that included in-depth interview and key-informant interview with relevant … […]