Interactions with CEO of Wellcome Trust

  • Venue: Nepal Public Health Foundation Office

    Dr. Jeremy Farar, CEO of Wellcome Trust visited Nepal Public Health Foundation on Monday, 21st October, 2019.  This interaction meeting was attended by 20 members which included members from Nepal Public Health Foundation, professionals from various fields etc. During the interaction meeting Dr. Jeremy Farar delivered a short lecture. He introduced the focus area of Wellcome Trust; Climate Change, Infectious Disease, Mental Health. He also mentioned how one can improve the organizational quality and performance by governance, leadership, transparency and focus.

    He stated that there should be close co-ordination between executive and board in planning and execution of programs and office work. The executive should plan, and board should monitor and lookup at the activities performed. Every organization should have a limited focus areas to specialize in those particular task. Organizational leadership requires active measures to work with different groups and individuals. A leader must understand the strengths and weaknesses of different professionals before making a plan of action to improve the effectiveness of the organization. The organization should focus on quality of services and should have transparency.