1. Street Drama – Mass awareness on pesticide minimization
  2. Rally–No Pesticide Week Celebration 
  3. Support to Agriculture cooperatives
  4. Review of Pesticide Laboratory
  • Street Drama – Mass awareness on pesticide minimization

    From March 13 to March 18, 2023.

    FHEN conducted Street dramas on collaboration with ‘Chautho Aayam Theatre Group’. The drama titled “Aafnai Samadhan” on issue of pesticide minimization. 14 shows were shown in all municipalities of Chitwan district where consumers, vegetable markets, farmers, vendors and school children were the audiences consisting of about 2000 people.


    No Pesticide Week Celebration – A simple yet effective initiative to create awareness about pesticide related issues in the community.

    On 13th February, 2024


    The Farming, Health, and Environment Nepal Project under Nepal Public Health Foundation collaborated with Shree Siddivinayak Secondary School located in Bharatpur for the ‘No pesticide use week celebration program’. Rally covered school and community areas where students distributed informative pamphlets to passerby and recited slogans emphasizing information on pesticides, risks associated with pesticides and promoted consumer awareness on pesticide free food choices.

    Support to Agriculture cooperatives

    FHEN, NPHF provided fund and support to three agricultural cooperatives, with Nrs. 1 lakh each. The cooperatives were: Shree Shree Neureni Taja Tarkari tatha Falful Utpadak Sahakari Sanstha Ltd in Kalika municipality, Shree Janmabhoomi Upabhokta Sahakari Sanstha Pvt. Ltd. in Madi municipality, and Shree Tripureshwor Agriculture Cooperative Ltd. in Bharatpur metropolitan. This support was provided based on the recommendation of Agriculture officers from Kalika, Madi, and Bharatpur respectively. The aim of this initiative was to encourage and empower the cooperatives to independently start an Integrated Pest Management -Farmer Field School (IPM-FFS) program.

    Review of Pesticide laboratory

    FHEN conducted three reviews of the pesticide laboratory in Chitwan, Nepal, in July and October 2023, and March 2024. The purpose was to ensure the lab’s consistent use for measuring pesticide residues. Specific objectives included assessing the lab’s status and the types of pesticides tested. Mr. Nabaraj Pandit, Technical Officer of the Agriculture Development Office in Chitwan, supervised the evaluation. The lab regularly tests pesticides from the Organophosphate and Carbamate groups on a daily basis.