School Health Awareness Program on Antibiotic Resistance

  • Global Antibiotic Resistance Partnership (GARP) Nepal successfully completed school health awareness programme in eight public and private schools of Kathmandu district.   GARP Nepal works towards creating awareness in different level on growing threat of antibiotic resistance.

    The program was conducted among students of grade nine and ten of four government  and four private schools of Kathmandu district. A total of 320 students along with  school   teachers participated in the program. In Learning Realm International School   (LRI), house representatives from grade 8, 9 and 10 participated and they will be   sharing this information to their respective classes. GARP team with three facilitators  was involved in conducting awareness programme. One and half hour programme was conducted in each school by using multimedia, audio-visuals aids, chart papers, pamphlets, posters through presentation, interaction, brainstorming and quiz competition. Posters were also displayed in school premises.

    Sagar Dhungel of Mahendra Higher Secondary School said “I will share this information to my parents, I will tell them to use antibiotic properly, and I will tell them to prevent antibiotic resistance”.

     Likewise, Pranjal Paudel from LRI School said “My mom informed me about antibiotics; today I will inform her about antibiotic resistance”.