Appraisal of Stunting decline in Nepal: Updated Activities (Nov-Apr)

A. Inception meeting with in-country stakeholders:

Inception Meeting was held on 21st November, 2017 between Sick kids Team and Nepal’s health and Nutrition experts, stakeholders and pioneers. With a following objectives set on a mind in order to conduct research further , meeting was conducted successfully.

a. To assess the global, regional and national prevalence and trends in under-5 stunting among LMICs from 1990 to 2017. (Explore levels and trends in stunting sub-nationally across key equity dimensions including: maternal education, household wealth, urban/rural residence, gender, geographic region).

b. To understand the major determinants globally that have successfully contributed to reductions in childhood stunting prevalence between 1990 and 2017. (Examples of determinants include: contextual factors, national or subnational interventions/policies/strategies/programs, other initiatives).

c. To undertake in-depth evaluations of policies, programs and factors in a set of countries that have had dramatic reductions in stunting (coined “exemplar nations”) to understand major contributors and success factors.

B. Development of methods and materials for quantitative/qualitative work. Field Visit and data collected from diverse group of stakeholders/experts.

C. Prepared Summary of the document on policies and programs on Nutrition in Nepal (As per template provided by Canada team)

  1. Timeline of policies (Format provided by Canada team)
  2. Merging the data sets
  3. Qualitative data collection: Key Informant Interview-15
  4. Transcribing/Translation- Completed
  5. Finalization of Questionnaire tool for FGD
  6. Themes/codes developed