Food Package distribution for lockdown affected people – A support from NPHF.

Currently our country is facing lockdown to manage and to take precautions against COVID-19 transmission. Due to this situation, many people are facing a lot of challenges managing their basic needs such as food. In such crisis situation, on April 25, 2020, Nepal Public Health Foundation has taken a step to support the needy people of ward no. 4 by distributing food packages as per standard of Nepal government.  The distribution was done by  Dr. Mahesh Maskey, Executive Chief of NPHF and  Dr. Aruna Upreti, Vice President of NPHF, in the presence of Mr. Mohan Bista and all the leadership of Ward no 4. Er. Ramesh Maskey and other representatives from the respective ward were also present. A total of 125 food packages (100 from NPHF and 25 from another social worker lady) was distributed in that event.