Completed Projects

Life Saving Comprehensive Nutrition Response in Flood Affected Areas

  • Among Several programs to enhance nutritional progress, IMAM has been very successful in preventing and treating the cases of Malnutrition. Life Saving comprehensive nutrition response including integrated management of acute malnutrition in Morang district is one of the projects in flood affected areas that has been running to address the immediate problem of acute and severe malnutrition. This program exists in order to improve the nutritional status of the children who have been affected by the flood occurred in August.
    District Health Office in coordination and technical support of Nepal Public Health Foundation and UNICEF has implementing the project IMAM (Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition) in Morang and Sunsari districts. This project assists the Government of Nepal to achieve the goals of nutrition program as a whole. In particular, it works with District Public Health Office (DPHO) Morang and District Health Office (DHO), Sunsari to establish outpatient therapeutic centers (OTCs), stabilized centers (SCs), build the capacity of health workers and FCHVs through training on Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition (IMAM) and awareness through used of different mass media.

  • 1. Capacity building of Health workers and FCHVs for the effective implementation and management of IMAM program in Morang and Sunsari district.

    2. Management of moderate acute malnutrition through community and facility based counseling services (6-59 months children).

    3. Management of severe acute malnutrition program through therapeutic feeding program (6-59 months children).

    4. Promotion, protection and support for Breast feeding (0-23 months children) and promotion of complementary feeding (6-23 months).

    5. Promote to access and utilize essential micro-nutrients for children and women such as; Vitamin A for the children age 6-59 months, IFA for pregnant and postnatal women.

  • Activities conducted till the end of November:

    1. Coordination with District Public Health Officers and Nutrition focal persons of Morang and Sunsari district.

    2. District level stakeholders’ meeting of Morang and Sunsari district on 2 nd and 5 th November, 2017 respectively.

    3. District training of trainers (DToT) from November 16 to 20, 2017 in both the

    4. Health workers training conduction (3 groups each) in Morang and Sunsari

    5.  Vitamin A campaign supervision.

    6. Monitoring and supervision of DToT and health workers training from central level.

  • UNICEF Nepal

  • Sunsari and Morang districts