Advisory Board Member

Dr. Badri Raj Pande

Dr. Badri Raj Pande is a pediatrician, actively involved in public health for nearly six decades in the government and WHO. He is Chairman of National Committee for Certification for Polio Eradication, Chairman of steering committee of the Farming, Health and Environment Nepal project, Nepal Public Health Foundation. Dr. Badri Raj Pande is one of the founding members of Nepal Family Planning Association, Nepal Pediatric Society, Nepal Eye Hospital, Nepal Hemophilia Society, Nepal Health Economics Association and Nepal Public Health Foundation. From 1959 to 1988 he has served the Nepal government as a medical officer, pediatrician, Assistant Director of DoHS, Deputy and later chief of Nepal family planning and MCH Project, Member Secretary to Population Policies Coordination Board, National Commission on Population, and Chief Planning officer in Ministry of Health. His government roles, like Assistant Director of Planning in the DHS, contributed to Nepal’s first health plan. As Chief of the Nepal Family Planning and Maternal Child Health Project, he extended services to remote areas, improving programs through surveys and research.

Major publications:

  1. A Study on the Economics of Tobacco in Nepal
  2. Farming, Health and Environment project to improve the health of farmers and consumers by promoting healthy and sustainable food in Nepal
  3. Hubble-bubble Smoking
  4. Optimization of the configuration of public hospital infrastructure at the district level in South Asian countries
  5. Changes in Perceptions and Practices of Farmers and Pesticide Retailers on Safer Pesticide Use and Alternatives: Impacts of a Community Intervention in Chitwan, Nepal
  6. Paying out-of-pocket for health care in Asia: Catastrophic and poverty impact
  7. Catastrophic payments for health care in Asia
  8. Public Views Of Health System Issues In Four Asian Countries
  9. Effect of Armed Conflict on Health Delivery – A Study in Low-Income Country
  10. Who pays for health care in Asia?