Geriatric and multi morbidity, Thematic Committee

Prof Dr. Nidesh Sapkota

Dr. Nidesh Sapkota, currently heading the Psychiatry department at Patan Academy of Health Sciences, has a 25-year career in health, with a focused 16 years in mental health. He previously led the Psychiatry department at BPKIHS for three years. His extensive experience includes over 10 years as a consultant psychiatrist for UNHCR, serving in various roles including Vice President and President at ARDSN, Chair of Quality Control Unit at BPKIHS, and participation in health professional education. He was also involved as a member of the Geriatric Expert Committee of Nepal’s National Human Rights Commission and holds membership in the Rotary Club of Dharan Ghopa. Involved in various scientific events at BPKIHS, chaired workshops, organized conferences, and managed medical education programs from 2016 to February 2021. Educational background includes MBBS from RIMS, Ranchi, MD from BPKIHS, and a Mini Fellowship in Geriatric Psychiatry from the USA.

Major publications

  1. Depression among inmates in a regional prison of eastern Nepal: a cross-sectional study
  2. Length of Stay of Psychiatric Admissions in a Tertiary Care Hospital
  3. COVID-19 Pandemic and BPKIHS: our Situation, Endeavors and Future Direction
  4. A Study on Pregnancy, Perceived Stress and Depression
  5. Psychiatric Comorbidities in Patients with Deliberate Self-Harm in a Tertiary Care Center