Advisory Board Member

Prof. Dr. Ramesh Kant Adhikari

Prof. Ramesh Kant Adhikari had his basic education in different institutions in Nepal and India. He joined Tribhuvan University at the Institute of Medicine in 1979 as a lecturer in the department of Child Health. He served the institute in different capacities including as the Campus Chief of Maharajgunj Medical Campus and Dean. He retired from the institute in 2012. He was instrumental in establishing the Child Health Research Project at IoM in collaboration with All India Institute of Medical Sciences and University of Bergen. He has conducted a number of studies related to child nutrition, diarrheal diseases and medical ethics and medical education. He has extensively published original articles and books in the field of his research interest. He is currently an academician at Nepal Academy of Science and Technology.

Major publications:

  1. Effectiveness and Efficacy of Zinc for the Treatment of Acute Diarrhea in Young Children
  2. Newborn survival in Nepal: a decade of change and future implications
  3. Hypoxemia in children with pneumonia and its clinical predictors
  4. Stunting in Nepal: looking back, looking ahead
  5. A review of the maternal iron and folic acid supplementation programme in Nepal: Achievements and challenges
  6. Evaluating preschool linear growth velocities: an interim reference illustrated in Nepal
  7. Privatization in Technical Education: The Case of Education of Health Professionals in Nepal
  8. Long-term impact of community-based participatory women’s groups on child and maternal mortality and child disability: follow-up of a cluster randomised trial in rural Nepal