11th Nepal Public Health Foundation Lecture by Dr. Benu Bahadur Karki via ZOOM | Lecture Series 2020

“Public health Development in Nepal Challenges and Opportunities”:- Dr. Benu Bahadur Karki

11th Nepal Public Health Foundation Lecture was delivered by Dr. Benu Bahadur Karki, Health and Development Associates, who is the former chief of the Policy, Planning, and Foreign Aid Monitoring Division, Department of Health Service (DHS) and an eminent personality in the field of Public Health.

Dr. karkideleved into the history of public health , the department of public health in Nepal, and the challanages and opportunities it poses while introducing various public health programs along side a brief history of Nepals’ tactics to tackle public health challanges in this lecture.

NPHF lectures are one of the major events to foster collective actions of professionals around the common agenda of Public Health.