9th Nepal Public Health Foundation lecture series on “My Adventure in Public Health Research” By- Dr. Dharma Sharan Manandhar.

Dr. Dharma Sharan Manandhar is an eminent clinical neonatologist, public health researcher, innovator of appropriate technologies for neonatal care, and a scientist of national and national repute. He is the founding president of Maternal and Child Research Activities (MIRA) which was established in 1992 and also he is one of the founding members of the Nepal Public Health Foundation.

Dr. Manandhar delivered the lecture on “My Adventure on Public Health Research” on June 30, 2018, where he shared his experiences from his long journey in the health sector working with academia, and research institutions both in Nepal and abroad. He shared his brilliant and adventurous professional carrier and exposure to public health research with the participants of the 9th Nepal Public Health Foundation Lecture.