Cycle Rally on the occasion of Antibiotics Awareness Week

  • Global Antibiotic Resistance Partnership (GARP Nepal), the program of Nepal Public Health Foundation (NPHF) celebrated its Second World Antibiotic Awareness Week, 2016 from 14-20 November. GARP Nepal in collaboration with different institutions carried out a week long programme with the aim of increasing awareness about antibiotic resistance and to encourage rational use of antibiotics.

    To mark the Antibiotic Awareness Week 2016, GARP Nepal in collaboration with Cycle City organized Cycle Rally on 9 December. The event was inaugurated by Honorable Minister GaganKumar Thapa, Ministry of Health. About 100 participants and 90 cyclists took part in the rally. The cycle rally started from Basantapur at around 8:15 am and ended in Bhrikutimandap.

    The Honorable Minister emphasized on the aspect of ‘Prevention’ rather than running after the cure of the disease. He also mentioned the fact that in today’s world, taking over the counter medications especially Antibiotics isn’t a major concern but in reality this is leading the world towards a Global problem of ‘Antibiotic Resistance’.

    The WHO Country Representative, Dr. Jos Vandelaer highlighted that Antibiotics is ‘The Tool’ in overcoming the global health problem, but the continuing misuse and overuse of this tool has led to desensitization of it in the human body.

    Likewise, The Program Director of GARP Nepal, Dr. Sameer Mani Dixit mentioned the increasing rise in respiratory problems along with other health problems as a consequence of the increasing pollution. And that Antibiotics were the ‘go to’ drugs in these cases therefore he highlighted on the need of Rational use of Antibiotics.