Gratitude to Dr. Badri Raj Pandey for His Exceptional Contributions to Nepal Public Health Foundation

We, Nepal Public Health Foundation team would like to extend our heartfelt and sincere gratitude to Dr. Badri Raj Pandey for his invaluable effort, contribution, and guidance as our Advisor since the foundation’s inception. His unwavering dedication, support, and commitment have been instrumental in our journey, shaping the path of our organization’s success and growth.

Dr. Badri Raj Pandey, a revered pediatrician and esteemed public health expert, has devoted nearly six decades to enhancing healthcare in Nepal, leading numerous significant health initiatives. His leadership in national polio eradication committees and founding pivotal health organizations such as Nepal Eye Hospital and Nepal Pediatric Society underscore his significant contributions. During his distinguished government tenure from 1959 to 1988, he played pivotal roles in developing Nepal’s first health plan and extending essential services to remote regions, leaving an indelible legacy of health equity and innovation.

We deeply appreciate his continued involvement and steadfast encouragement.