International Conference on Epidemiologic Research



    Nepal faces triple burden of health problems (communicable diseases, non-communicable diseases and trauma). Generation of strong evidence is required in these sectors for policy and health action. For this, the capacity of health managers, academicians and students needs to be improved in the field of epidemiology which will be helpful for evidence based practice.

    The major objectives of the conference and training are:

    1.  To share epidemiological methods used in health care settings, highlight epidemiological transition phases and its use in evidence based policy and action.

    2. To enhance the skills and knowledge of the participants for an in-depth understanding of the modern concepts of epidemiological methods and its interpretation.


    Medical and Public Health Professionals, Students, University faculty members and Researchers from different institutions.


    Pre-conference was held on March 11, 2018. In the pre-conference, there was presentations regarding “Post Disaster Health System Strengthening Program in Nepal” followed by a panel discussion.


    Conference was held on March 12, 2018. The conference commenced with an inaugural session and oration by Prof. Dr. Kenneth J  Rothman which was followed by two sessions Session I focused on ‘Epidemiologic Methods for Maternal and Child health Research’ and session II focused on ‘Epidemiologic Methods for Non-communicable diseases (NCD’s) Research’.

    Training Workshop

    Training workshop was carried out from March 13-15, 2018 after the completion of conference. The training constituted extensive participative sessions by epidemiologists on different topics. Prof. Dr. Kenneth J Rothman and Prof. Dr. Elizabeth E Hatch were the facilitators for the training workshop.

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