Nutrition Assessment of Thuchchhe Community School Students, Patlekhet, Kavre

  • Nepal Public Health Foundation with the main objective to assess the nutritional status of children of Thuchchhe Community School, had conducted a field work on 14 August, 2016. Field work was completed successfully with the active participation of field team and community people. In total 26 (12 above five and 14 under five years old) children were assessed. During the assessment, height, weight, MUAC, body temperature and pulse were taken. In addition, they also got general health checkup. In the break-time, each school children were given an egg, a banana and a cup of milk.

    On analyzing data (using WHO Anthro and WHO Anthro plus), we found all the students under five were normal but all children above five were malnourished. Four children have MUAC between 12.5 to 13.5, indicating risk of acute malnutrition, among under five. Among children above five, 30 percent has lower weight for age, 8.3 percent has lower height for age, 16.7 percent has lower BMI for age. But the shocking fact is that, even among them above five, only female children have poor anthropometric measure.