Orientation Training on Strengthening and Activating District Health System

  • Nepal Public Health Foundation conducted three-days orientation training (22th – 24th Aug, 2016) on Strengthening and Activating District Health system (SAHaS) for Social Mobilizers and Project Officers at the View Brikuti Hotel, Godawari.

    The objectives of the training were:

    1. To familiarize the participants about the project
    2. To orient the participants about the existing national health system
    3. To enhance the participants’ knowledge and understanding aboutDistrict health system, mother’s group meeting, Health Facility Operation and Management Committee (HFoMC) meeting and FCHV
    4. To buildtheparticipants capacity for strengthening the mother’s group meeting, HFoMC meeting and formation of advocacy group for the sustainability of the program.

    The program was inaugurated by Dr. Mahesh Kumar Maskey, Executive Chair, NPHF in presence of the chief guest of the program Mr. GhanashyamPokharel, Senior Public Health Administrator, Family Health Division, Ministry of Health, Dr. HendrikusRaaijimakers, Chief of Health Section, UNICEF, Dr. Asha Pun, Maternal and Neonatal Health Specialist and Mr. HyungJoon Kim, C4D Specialist, UNICEF which was followed by the presentation of Mr. JanakThapa, Program Director, NPHF on the objectives and goals of SAHaS project where he stressed on the situation of mother’s group meeting and HFoMC meeting during the aftermath of earthquake and the need of its activation and strengthening to solidify District Health System. Then Dr. HendrikusRaaijimakers gave his remarks during which he highlighted on the synergy of VDC selection for Prefab construction and SAHaS Project followed by Mr. GhanashyamPokharel’s remarks. He focused on the present situation of the MG and HFoMC and its importance in the society. The session was concluded with the remark of Dr. Mahesh Kumar Maskey. He stressed that NPHF is here to provide assistance to government. Pointing towards the difficulties that may arise during field work, he requested all participants to keep their commitment and determination, as success always follows the hardworking.

    The technical session started with the introduction of the participants followed by the presentation of Dr. Asha Pun on national health system. She briefed about FCHVs and mother’s group. Then, Mr. JanakThapa presented about the objectives and activities of the project. After which HyungJoon Kim presented on the communication strategies where he highlighted on the importance of proper communication to diagnose and address the societal need in an efficient way. Ms. SantoshiGiri, Coordinator for GARP-Nepal oriented the participants on GATHER approach of counseling followed by role play.  Then, Mr. NavarajBhattarai, Senior Program officer, NPHF discussed about the roles and responsibilities of the Project Officer (PO) and Social Mobilizer (SM).

    The second day of the program started with national anthem followed by the review of the previous day. Then, to familiarize the participants with the issues in their respective districts, group discussion was done with the respective District Health Officer of UNICEF. Mr. Raj Kumar Sangroula, Senior Program Officer, NPHF explained about the Mother’s group and Mr. NavarajBhattarai explained about HFoMC followed by the simulation session where role play of the MG and HFoMC meeting was done respectively. Participants also learnt to use score card after the mother’s group meeting.  Then, the participants were explained about the importance IEC materials and setting up IEC corner in mother’s group meeting which was followed by the Appreciative Inquiry session by Mr. Sudan Gyawali.

    The last day of the program also started with the national anthem followed by the review of the previous day program. Then, Ms. ChandanaRajopadhyaya, Program Officer, NPHF oriented participants about the School Health Program. She also demonstrated about the hand washing and brushing technique. Mr. JanakThapa described about the advocacy and its need for the sustainability of the program. He highlighted the roles and responsibilities of advocacy group and the need of its formation in district and VDC level by PO and SM respectively. Then, Ms. Aditi Rai Sharma talked about the monitoring and evaluation technique which was followed by a group exercise where the participants were made familiarized with the project tools (monitoring tools, recording tools, reporting tools and baseline tools). The 3-days program concluded with the motivational words of Mr. JanakThapa.