Training To Commercial Farmers

Commercial farmers are those farmers involved in the production of agricultural products on a larger scale for commercial purposes, i.e., the import and export of crops. Nepal is taking steps towards agricultural diversification and commercialization, which have shown hopes for improvement of the country’s economy, decreased unemployment and importation of agricultural products, and increased women’s participation in contributing to the national economy. But the commercialization has brought a serious threat along with it, which is of major concern.

Group photo after completion of the program

The use of chemical pesticides in the commercialization pocket areas in an overdose, unsafe, and uncontrolled manner has not only invited dangerous pests whose control is getting difficult but also resulted in serious health hazards for growers and consumers. The average use of pesticides in Nepal is 396g/hha. The majority of pesticides are being used on vegetable crops, i.e., 1605g a.i./ha in Nepal, which shows increased risk regarding the environment, soil fertility, and human health.

Thus, with the aim of enhancing the understanding of commercial vegetable farmers, two days of professional training were organized and successfully accomplished three times among different participants.