Epi-biostats/ Data science, Thematic Committee

Dr. Archana Shrestha

Dr. Archana Shrestha is currently working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Public Health at Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences, Dhulikhel, Nepal. Dr. Shrestha earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health from Tribhuvan University, Nepal, and her Master from B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Science ,Nepal. Furthermore, she had pursued her Master and PhD from University of Washington, Seattle, USA, and her Postdoctoral research at Harvard University, Boston, USA. She is an epidemiologist and researcher with excellent skills in implementation research, NCDs, community health, and clinical intervention research. She has expertise in developing, testing, and implementing interventions to reduce the impact of cardiovascular and other non-communicable diseases in low-income countries. She is also currently leading a translational research study on nutrition and diabetes. Additionally, she served as a country director for Nepal in collaboration with the University of Washington for the North Pacific Global Health Research Fellows Training program.

Major publications:

  1. Studying risk factors and clinical outcomes for cardiovascular disease in Nepal.
  2. Conducting Implementation research to understand and address barriers and facilitators to successfully deploying evidence-based practices to address NCDs in Nepal and Mexico.
  3. Describing NCD risk factors and testing preventative strategies to reduce cardio metabolic burden in Nepal.
  4. Conducting randomized controlled trials of environmental and behaviour interventions to improve clinical outcomes for NCDs, specifically cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, in Nepal.
  5. Effectiveness of a group-based Diabetes Prevention Education Program (DiPEP) in a population with pre-diabetes: a cluster randomised controlled trial in Nepal
  6. Facilitators and barriers to hypertension management in urban Nepal: findings from a qualitative study
  7. Applying a User-Centric Design Approach to Develop a Mobile Application for the Management and Treatment of Gestational Diabetes in Nepal (Preprint)
  8. Community-based lifestyle intervention for diabetes (Co-LID study) management in rural Nepal: study protocol for a clustered randomized controlled trial
  9. The Association Between Gestational Weight Gain Rate and Birth Outcomes Among Nepalese Women
  10. Usability, Feasibility, and Acceptability of a Mobile Health Intervention for Women With Gestational Diabetes