Advisory Board Member

Dr. Suniti Acharya

Dr. Suniti Acharya, a pediatrician at Kanti Children’s Hospital, is also the chief of Health Policy, Health Planning, and Foreign Aid Division. Additionally, she serves as a Regional Advisor at WHO’s South East Asia Regional Office for maternal and child health and reproductive health. Moreover, she holds the positions of Polio Commissioner and member of the Regional Commission on Polio Eradication for South East Asia. Notably, she is the Country Representative of WHO in Bangladesh. She completed her MBBS in Agra, India, followed by postgraduate pediatric training in the UK and earning a postgraduate diploma in child health from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of London in 1972. Later, she pursued a Master’s in Public Health from Tulane University in New Orleans, USA.

Major publications:

  1. Equity in health in Nepal: a study report
  2. Review of Primary Health Care and Nutrition Interventions in Nepal
  3. Effects of Low Maternal Dietary Intake of Calcium, Selenium and Vitamin B-6 upon Breast Milk Composition in Nepal
  4. Nutritional and medical status of lactating women and their infants in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal
  5. Copper, iron, zinc, and selenium dietary intake and status of Nepalese lactating women and their breast-fed infants