Maternal and Child Health, Thematic Committee

Dr. Swaraj Raj Bhandari

Dr. Swaraj Rajbhandari is a highly experienced obstetrician gynecologist with over 40 years of expertise in maternal, neonatal, and reproductive health. She has played a significant role in clinical and technical leadership in international public health, particularly in Asia and Africa, focusing on integrated reproductive health services. Dr. Rajbhandari excels in strategic planning, project implementation, and health policy. She has developed standards, guidelines, and protocols, conducted facility assessments, and provided competency-based training in maternal health. As a master trainer, she specializes in areas such as post-abortion care, contraception, and emergency obstetrics. Dr. Rajbhandari has held leadership positions in professional organizations and worked in various countries. She has published papers, presented at conferences, and seminars, demonstrating her expertise and commitment to the field.


  1. Postpartum hemorrhage prevention in Nepal: a program assessment.
  2. On-site clinical mentoring as a maternal and new-born care quality improvement method: evidence from a nurse cohort study in Nepal.
  3. Prevention of postpartum haemorrhage at homebirth with use of misoprostol in Banke District, Nepal.
  4. Expanding uterotonic protection following childbirth through community-based distribution of misoprostol: operations research study in Nepal.
  5. The Logarithmic Spiral of Networks of Care for Expectant Families in Rural Nepal: A Descriptive Case Study.
  6. Galvanizing Collective Action to Accelerate Reductions in Maternal and Newborn Mortality and Prevention of Stillbirths.