Dr. Maskey Presentation on “The Global Health Network: Role for Promoting Research”

Dr. Mahesh K Maskey, Lead, Global Health Network (TGHN) Nepal,and Founding Chair & Executive Chief (NPHF) and  delivered a presentation on “The Global Health Network: Role for Promoting Research” during the “One-day Symposium: Strengthening responsible conduct of research in Nepal: Identifying and addressing gaps.” The symposium was jointly organized by the Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC) and the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit Nepal (OUCRU-NP) and took place on 18th July 2022.

Dr. Maskey receiving to token of appreciation after his presentation

Dr. Maskey’s speech centered on providing a comprehensive overview of both TGHN and TGHN Asia, emphasizing their pivotal roles in advancing research initiatives globally. He commenced his presentation by shedding light on the critical 90:10 research gap that exists, underlining the pressing need to bridge this disparity. He added that The Global Health Network has been designated as a WHO collaborating center, showcasing its commitment to supporting health research in all healthcare settings. He also highlighted the global health network hub, which operates as a vast community of practice, actively connecting research organizations and networks with research teams, policymakers, and healthcare workers worldwide. Moreover, he revealed with enthusiasm that The Global Health Network Nepal center was inaugurated by the Nepal Public Health Foundation on June 14th, 2023.

Group photo after completion of the program

The center’s primary focus will revolve around enabling research systems within the healthcare sector, setting the stage for significant advancements in public health research. In addition, Dr. Maskey outlined the future steps following the launch of The Global Health Network Nepal center, demonstrating the commitment to ensure its efficient operation.  Hence, the symposium served as a platform to encourage the adoption of responsible conduct for research, national ethical principles and guidelines across various healthcare disciplines in Nepal.