Farming Health Environment Nepal Phase-II activities updates


1.  This quarter was dedicated for office set up and accomplishing all the administrative tasks for example conducting District Level Project Advisory Committee (DPAC) meeting and getting approval letters from all the working municipalities.

2.  The overall project budget has been segregated by each municipality for transparency and as per the need directed by current local governance structure.

3.  Preliminary visits were done in all old working areas along with some new areas to be familiar with geography and boundaries and meeting key stakeholders and target groups were crucial for coordination to plan and implement Phase II activities.

4.  Due to change of local governance structure, updated map of Chitwan was not available. Therefore, having in-depth interaction with local people, project working areas have been located.

5.  Inauguration ceremony of FHEN Phase II has been planned for November. Therefore, necessary preparations were completed.

6.  Baseline survey is crucial to assess the current situation of communities’ knowledge and practice about Integrated Pest Management for designing effective intervention. Therefore, necessary tools for baseline survey have been prepared.