Seventh CPHE Lecture

“From a reluctant researcher to public health advocacy: MY LIFE AND TIMES” by Dr. Buddha Basnet

Dr. Buddha Basnyat is a pioneer in mountain medicine, director of the Himalayan Rescue Association, and director of the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Nepal. He is one of the founding members of NPHF and has led Global Antibiotic Resistance Partnership Network’s Nepal chapter which is hosted here in Nepal by NPHF. He has over 200 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals and coauthored chapters for Harrison’s Textbook of Internal Medicine and the Oxford Textbook of Medicine. 

In the 7th Nepal Public Health Foundation Nepal Lecture, Dr. Basnyat delivered his lecture on “ From Reluctant Researcher to Public Health Advocacy” in June 2016. The lecture provides us a glimpse of a deep reflection of his development and experiences, and shares insights profoundly useful for health professionals who are taking their first step in the journey to the world of Medicine and Public Health.

A certificate of appreciation was awarded to the resource person and concluding remarks were given by Dr.  Mahesh K. Maskey, Executive Chair of NPHF.

NPHF lectures are one of the major events to foster collective actions of professionals around the common agenda of Public Health.