First CPHE Lecture

Importance of Cancer Awareness to School Children to Reduce Cancer Incidence by Mrs. Daya Laxmi Vaidhya (Joshi)

Nepal Public Health Foundation has taken an initiative of Continuing Public Health Education (CPHE) which aims to refine skills to improve overall public health practices and address real world challenges that professionals face day to day.

Mrs. Daya Laxmi Vaidhya (Joshi) gave an inaugural lecture of CPHE this Friday i.e. 16th June, 2017 and her presentation topic was “Importance of Cancer Awareness to School Children to Reduce Cancer Incidence”. A total of 24 participants including public health students, professionals from various organization participated in the program. Certificate of appreciation was awarded to the resource person and concluding remarks was given by Mr. Janak Thapa, Program Director of NPHF.

This lecture is supposed to be organized every third Friday of English month at NPHF (Nepal Public Health Foundation) office from 4-5 PM starting from June,2017. In the same way, the next lecture session will be given by Prof. Dr. Ramesh Kant Adhikari on 21st July, 2017.

Watch recorded lecture here.