Chandra Prasad Adhikari, a.k.a “Organic Uncle” Successfully Transitions to Organic Agriculture – NPHF’s FHEN Project

The Nepal Public Health Foundation’s Farming Health and Environment (FHEN) project has been conducting research and providing training to farmers in Chitwan District. One of the farmers, Chandra Prasad Adhikari, recently gained media attention for his transition to organic farming after recognizing the harmful effects of pesticides on soil. He shares his experience and the benefits of going organic in a feature by Himali Khabar. The FHEN project aims to promote sustainable agriculture practices and improve the health and environment of farming communities.

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NPHF’s FHEN Project Faces Hurdles Due to Nepalese Government’s Rejection of Pesticide Testing in Indian Vegetables

The Nepal Public Health Foundation (NPHF) is currently undertaking a project on Farming Health and Environment (FHEN) to promote the use of organic farming methods and improve the overall health and well-being of Nepali farmers and consumers. This project aims to reduce the use of harmful pesticides and promote sustainable farming practices. However, the recent decision by the Nepalese government to block the proposal to test Indian vegetables for pesticides is a setback for the project.

According to the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control, about 30 groups of pesticides are used in vegetables, fruits, and other crops, which are imported from India without checking the amount of pesticides used. Nepali farmers are being forced to throw their produce on the streets, as imported vegetables from India flood the market. In the last financial year, vegetables worth 16.96 billion rupees were imported from India without pesticide testing, while Nepali farmers struggled to find a market for their produce.

The government’s decision to block the proposal to test Indian vegetables for pesticides is concerning for both Nepali farmers and consumers. The NPHF believes that it is essential to promote sustainable farming practices to ensure the long-term health and well-being of Nepali farmers and consumers. The organization will continue to work towards its goal of promoting organic farming methods and reducing the use of harmful pesticides in Nepal.

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